Download a copy of the Rules here


  1. This contest is open to all registrants of NOREASTCON 49. IPMS membership is encouraged, but NOT required. Absentee entries will be accepted with a $20.00 Absentee Registration Fee. Handlers of absentee entries will be responsible for all entry paperwork, as well as retrieval of the entries and awards (if any).
  2. The proprietors of the contest site, IPMS Niagara Frontier, IPMS Rochester/ROC City Scale Modelers, and the judges will not assume liability for the loss or damage to entries. Special handling considerations MUST be noted on the entry forms.
  3. There will be NO SWEEPS in any category, although there will be no limit on the number of entries per category per contestant.
  4. Models that have won awards in any previous NOREASTCON’s are not eligible for awards.
  5. Models may be displayed on simple bases. Except for the Diorama categories, bases will not be considered during judging.
  6. Judges WILL NOT judge in any category (s) in which they are entered.
  7. The Chief Judges may combine or split categories prior to judging.
  8. Judge’s decisions are final in all matters. All disputes will be referred to, both the Category Coordinator and the Chief Judges for resolution.
  9. Judging standards will follow the most recent available IPMS/USA COMPETITION HANDBOOK.
  10. While the use of plastic is HIGHLY encouraged, other types of material in small amounts can be used in the construction of the models. IE: resin, metal, wood, vinyl. Judging standards of construction, finish, attention to detail and authenticity will be the same regardless of the material used.
  11. Models built to scales other than those listed shall be placed in the nearest appropriate scale category.
  12. Out of Box entries (including “Hi-Tech” kits) are to be constructed from the contents of the kit per the kit instructions, with the following exceptions: you MAY fill seams; sand off rivets and panel lines; restore lost surface detail; drill out gun barrels, exhausts or other appropriate openings; thin edges; add rigging, antennae and simple tape or decal seat belts; and choose alternate color schemes and decals. Weathering is permitted. You MAY NOT make or replace any part; add details; or separate such parts as doors, canopies, surfaces or hatches; except as listed above. THE KIT INSTRUCTION SHEET MUST BE DISPLAYED WITH THE ENTRY.
  13. DIORAMAS MUST be based on a story or tell a narrative as per IPMS NATIONAL rule-book.
  14. Minimal reference materials will be allowed on the table at the discretion of the Chief Judges. However, documentation for unusual/obscure or controversial schemes or structures should be available on request for the judge’s consideration.
  15. Entries made from commercial vacuform kits shall be registered in the appropriate standard category.
  16. Conversions must constitute a major change of version, model or mark. Conversions must be accompanied by a description of the changes involved. ENTRIES THAT USE A COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE CONVERSION KIT (OR KITS) WILL BE PLACED IN THE APPROPRIATE NON-CONVERSION CATEGORY.
  17. A scratch-built model shall comprise 25% or less of commercially available or kit supplied parts, with the remainder fabricated by the modeler.
    1.  The vehicle, ship, auto, armor piece, etc. as it appeared NEW in 1945
  19. The Bantam entrants should have performed the majority of work on the entry. Bantam categories will include Registrants aged 12 and under. Junior categories will include Registrants aged 13 to 17 years. Each Bantam / Junior will be entered under the modeler’s own name and must be present for awards. Bantam and/or Junior modelers may enter Adult categories.
  20. Pre-built or Diecast models – Out of the Box diecast models are not allowed in any category. Modified or customized diecast models may ONLY be entered in Category 77 Miscellaneous. Models will be judged on the extent of modifications/customization as described in detail on the entry form and on the related workmanship. Photographic documentation of modifications must be produced for judging. THESE ENTRIES ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR BEST IN SHOW.
  21. Wooden ships – commercially available kits, modified kits or scratch-built wooden ships of any size or type MUST be entered in Category 77 Miscellaneous. THESE ENTRIES ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR BEST IN SHOW.


  1. Any SPECIAL HANDLING must be noted in advance on the registration form.
  2. It may become necessary for model entry placement be adjusted by the Chief Judges, due to varying amount of entries in a category or incorrect category placement.
  3. During judging, some judges may have to move a model for closer inspection. Handling will be kept to a minimum.
  4. Although not required, it is HIGHLY recommended by the NOREASTCON committee that the models be firmly attached to a base. The committee assumes the models are secured to the base UNLESS otherwise noted.
  5. Anyone who poses a risk to the property and/or models will be asked to leave the contest room.
NorEastCon 49 CANCELLED Batavia NY