Member Rosters

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We appointed some positions as we are starting to get organized,  members that have paid dues to the Nationals, you should be getting your Bore Sight Magazine shortly.

To keep everyone up to speed,  Joe S. may be leaving from time to time for an Army National Guard assignment.  Hopefully he will only be absent for a few short months.  We will have to carry on with out him.  Bernie and Gene will be prepared to step up to the plate. Good luck to Joe S. and we all thank you for your service.!

President, Bernard Blonski
Vice President, Eugene Paveljack

Webmaster and Promotions; Frank Blonski

Private E-2 Enlisted

  • Tom Faith
  • Mike Szadak
  • Michael D. Hoffman
  • Michael Hall
  • Justen Hanna
  • Jim Greenfield
  • Jim Wolfe

Happy Modeling
Go AMPS Frontiersman

The AMPS Judging System

AMPS created a unique system to both judge the model and honor the modeler for artistic achievement and historical accuracy. It is a peer evaluation and mentoring and not a performance critique by experts. The system groups modelers that have similar skill levels and talents and rates the model in relation to the ability of the modeler rather than against the work of another modeler. The skill levels are Junior, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Master.

Each model is reviewed and evaluated on its own merits and never compared to another one. Established criteria determine the scoring of the model and qualify the modeler for Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. Each model is judged by a team of judges that score the model independently and the lowest score among the team is dropped. Constructive feedback is provided that sets a path to becoming a better, more skilled modeler.

See the Complete Judging System Here

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