Scale Modeling Enthusiast Builders Tour North East Challenge Registration

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The Show Tour will consist of about 11 tour stops ending in Albany NY with NOREASTCON 50, HVHMG Club Show and Noreastcon 50 are 2-day shows with judging on the second day. Be sure to check the hosting website for more information.


  1. You must register online before your first tour stop, be sure to include your cell number that will be taking photos of your models.
  2. Up to 3 models are to be entered; these same models will be your entries throughout the tour.
  3. Enter a picture of your model online before your first tour stop.
  4. Print out the certificate or to be placed by your model.
  5. When you are at the show, take a picture of each of your models with the certificate, pictures must be taken and sent to 716-867-2244 to qualify.
  6. Each model entered will get its own points.
  7. Judging will be done by the show judges; you will be competing with everything on the table, even if they are not entered in the tour.
  8. How you place in the show determines your points.
  9. Click here to download a certificate flyer to be placed with your model at the Tour Stop.


You do not have to enter every show, but you will increase your chances if you enter as many as you can.

Points are not cumulative which means you will receive the highest points assigned to your place in the show. Each model will be counted separately.

                1 point for entering the show

                3 points if you come in 3rd place

                5 points if you come in 2nd place

                7 points if you come in 1st place

                10 points for Best in Class

                15 points for Best in Show

                15 points for Best of the Best Winner*

Some shows have a Best of the Best category, which means if you ever won first place or better at a previous contest, you can enter this category.  This category is the “Cream of the Crop”

At the conclusion of the TOUR, Points will be totaled, 1st 2nd, and 3rd place will be determined.  FAB Resinworks has agreed to sponsor the event with 3 cash prizes.

1st Place will be $75.00

2nd Place will be $50.00

3rd Place will be $25.00

Tour standings will be updated after each tour stop as photos come in from your phones. Check on Tuesday or Wednesday after the show for results on